SUNORIENT Co. Ltd. is an Architecture and Consulting company in Okayama City in Western Honshu which provides a full range of architectural services for those who are looking to build, renovate, or source Japanese building materials.

SUNORIENT specializes in housing constructed with Reinforced Concrete (RC) for the major structures of the building such as the columns and beams. Housing constructed with RC is known to be highly durable, quake resistant, fire resistant, and provides excellent sound insulation. Currently SUNORIENT is the only company operating in Okayama that offers this service.

SUNORIENT also deals in natural building materials which can be used either in Japan or overseas to build healthier homes. Specifically, we can supply:

  • Acoustically Aged Wood- Japanese cedar from forests in Kagoshima, which has been dried and naturally aged while classical music is played in “Acoustic Ageing Rooms”. It is said that this process enhances the natural properties of cedar that protects living organisms from harmful viruses and bacteria as well as boosting immune systems.
  • Stucco Plaster- This particular type of Japanese “Shikkui” plaster contains several natural additives such as gingko grass, seaweed extracts, hemp, and calcified seashells that will not only give your ceilings and walls a beautiful finish but will also act as a natural air purifier and help reduce and relieve skin irritations.
  • Tatami Mats infused with Bamboo Charcoal- The bamboo charcoal that has been infused by hand into these traditional Japanese tatami mats acts as both a deodorizer and as insulation against moisture.

SUNORIENT can act either as the primary agent or as an intermediary agent for your building material supplies. Whatever your need, we will make the arrangements on your behalf including overseas shipping.

If you think we can be of assistance, please get in touch with us using the “Contact” form below. We want to help you build your dream home and we look forward to hearing from you.



Shinichi Isozaki

Shinichi Isozaki was born and raised in Okayama Prefecture and initially worked in Shikoku for 10 years in construction management and on-site supervision. After leaving this job he then joined the Japanese Overseas Cooperation Volunteers and provided construction guidance in Micronesia and Bhutan for almost 3 years. In June 2003 he established SUNORIENT and became the representative director.


338-19 Minato, Naka-ku, Okayama-city, Okayama


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