Takaoka Kazuto Tax Accountant Office.


Planning for the future is important and whether you currently have real estate in Japan, have recently inherited property, or may do so in the future, it is prudent to have plans in place to deal with the documentation and tax obligations associated with the succession and inheritance of assets. 

Many Japanese now live overseas and have raised children in their new country of residence. The process of succession can become difficult when Japanese may be spoken by Nikkei or the spouses of Japanese, but their ability to read and write in Japanese is quite limited. 

At Takaoka Kazuto Tax Accountant Office we can handle all matters related to succession, the sale and registration of real estate, and the handling of inheritance taxes. Usually in Japan these matters may be handled by different professionals, for example a Tax Accountant and an Administrative Scrivener, but we have staff who are qualified in both fields, as well as financial planners. Our one-stop approach will save you time and result in less confusion in the long run. If necessary we can also introduce you to other trusted professionals such as lawyers and real estate agents. 

We have at times had to deal with complications over inheritance that have arisen between relatives as no will had been made. There also may be people who are anxious about wills that they have prepared in their new home countries and whether or not they may be legally valid in Japan. We can alleviate these worries as we are able to make a last will and testament with you that is compliant with Japanese regulations and will facilitate the succession process in Japan and help avoid unnecessary complications between relatives, no matter where you reside. 

We recommend that you start planning for your future today by getting in touch with us using the contact form below. We are looking forward to hearing from you. 


Tax Accountant

Kazuto Takaoka

Mr. Kazuto Takaoka is a certified Tax Accountant and Administrative Scrivener. He graduated from Senshu University of Commerce and he began working in the National Tax Agency in Tokyo. After resigning from the National Tax Agency he opened his own office in Towada City, Aomori in 1993. He enjoys drone videography and horseback riding in his free time and he has taken part in traditional Japanese horseback archery displays and competitions.


131-1 Sanbongi Senzaimori, Towada-city, Aomori


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